Coverage for Commercial Watercraft

Essential for waterborne operations, ocean marine insurance safeguards cargo, ships, machinery, and liability against sea perils, ensuring comprehensive coverage for transportation enterprises.

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Coverage Overview

We have access to domestic, London based and other international carriers who can provide comprehensive coverages at competitive prices for insureds in all aspects of marine operations, including tug and barge transportation, offshore energy, commercial fishing, private yachts and other sectors.

  • Protection & Indemnity
  • Hull & Machinery
  • MEL
  • MGL
  • Umbrella
  • Builder's Risk

Hull and Machinery

Hull and Machinery insurance is a form of ocean marine coverage that safeguards your insured vessel or fleet from any physical damage caused by a peril of the sea, as well as legal liability in the event of a collision with another vessel. While this particular policy is non-compulsory, it is still highly recommended, given the unpredictable nature of maritime travel and transportation.

Protection and Indemnity

Protection and Indemnity (P&I) insurance is a special form of ocean marine coverage that covers practically every liability relevant to the marine industry not already covered by a worker’s compensation policy or the collision clause of a hull and machinery insurance policy. While there is no standard form for P&I, it can be customized around the unique circumstances of each policyholder or P&I club member. P&I coverage can include instances like damage to cargo during transportation and risk of damage as a result of oil spills, pollution, or war.


Many companies in the transportation or petroleum industries encounter situations where their employees must perform work-related tasks on board a vessel that is owned or operated by another entity. Maritime Employers Liability (MEL) is a must.

Marine General Liability

Marine General Liability insurance protects your business from legal action related to personal injury or property damage in the event of an accident involving your insured vessel.


An umbrella insurance policy offers your business additional coverage in the event that a pre-existing liability policy does not fully cover the cost of a subsequent loss or damage, granting you the utmost peace of mind that your business will be protected following a potential accident.

Builder's Risk

If you are the builder or owner of a marine vessel, Builder’s Risk insurance provides coverage for a vessel over the course of its construction and insures against the damage or loss of the vessel during early-stage testing and delivery.

Personal Yachts

Insurance policies that cover the use of privately owned yachts can range from personal liability to property damage and are essential if you plan on regularly operating your personal yacht. Yacht insurance coverages are highly customizable and can be designed to provide coverage for your personal effects, towing and recovery, cost of repair, total loss of vessel, and/or damage by an uninsured watercraft operator.

Fishing Vessels

Properly insuring your commercial fishing vessel can help prevent your business from suffering unnecessary financial losses. Along with providing the typical coverage for marine vessels, such as P&I, hull and machinery, and general marine liability, commercial fishing vessels can be insured under policies specific to commercial fishing. These specialized policies can include coverage for liability claims associated with your crew, coverage for your stock and cargo, as well as coverage for nets and other fishing equipment.

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