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Modern energy production faces diverse risks: natural disasters, pollution, human error, machinery challenges, and team training. Ensure uninterrupted service and peace of mind for your customers with comprehensive coverage from Royal Insurance Associates.

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Coverage Overview

At Royal Insurance Associates, we understand oilfield exposures. We have assembled a comprehensive product portfolio providing solutions for a wide scope of risks. Our knowledgeable team, in conjunction with London and domestic carriers, can construct a program designed to meet energy client needs. Coverage is available for oil lease operators, oilfield contractors, and equipment on both a primary and excess basis.

  • Owner Operators
  • Loss of Hole
  • Owners Extra Expense/Control of Well
  • Cargo/Equipment
  • General Liability
  • Excess Liability

Property Damage

Machinery and worksites in the renewable and traditional energy sector are subject to various weather patterns and seasonal changes to the environment. These factors can cause complications that increase the risk of equipment failure or damage to vital machinery. Having an insurance policy in place for your company’s onshore or offshore property will ensure that your business’s machinery is protected and can return to peak operation as soon as possible in the event of a failure resulting from natural disaster, environmental damage, or human error.

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Contingent/Loss of Production

In the energy sector, there are many factors that can result in a halt to production, such as pollution, extreme weather, and high-risk accidents. With a Contingent/Loss of Production insurance policy, your company could be compensated for an interruption in operation that results in a loss of income. Just like other businesses, this policy will ensure that your company can maintain costs like payroll, facility maintenance, and other expenses until repairs can be made and production can resume.

Cargo and Equipment

Both onshore and offshore facilities face unique risks to their specialized equipment. Potential damages to equipment or materials required for operation can result in a halt to production. In order to safeguard against these risks and guarantee a quick return to full-scale operations, it’s important to have a Cargo & Equipment insurance policy in place.

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General Liability

Similar to other businesses, General Liability insurance provides coverage for personal injury and physical damage to property for people or organizations outside of your company. This policy is essential given the inherent risk of personal damages resulting from potential equipment failures or on-site pollution incidents.

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